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About Asodit Banquets

Asodit Banquets is a venue based out of Hadapsar in Pune that can be your ideal one for hosting your wedding ceremonies with full flourishing grandeur. A wedding is one of the most important days in your life and you want everything to go perfectly but then a wedding also involves a plethora of ceremonies and rituals with a lot more people and emotions and to keep it all under control you have a long checklist. You leave no efforts undone in finding the ideal venue and Asodit Banquets is the right one with all the facilities and comfort that will also fit well within your budget.

Facilities and Capacity

Asodit Banquets has the capacity to entertain a decent number of guests at any time as long as it does not exceed the estimated number of 450 guests in the venue. They have a spacious and beautiful banquet hall in the venue to offer to you for hosting your wedding ceremonies splendidly. This is a big event space that can be a perfect fit for hosting your pre-wedding ceremonies like engagement, sangeet, mehndi and so on followed by the main wedding ceremony and a more royally celebrated reception.

It is located in the city and is equipped with facilities that come in the same package when you book the venue that make it easier to host your events here. It enjoys a prime location that can be easily accessed by you and your guests and they have guest accommodation available too. They provide you with basic lighting and electricity with a complete power backup that avoids any discomfort or blackouts. They have furniture in the venue that is already set up and can be arranged according to your needs and concepts.

Services Offered

They have their in-house catering services to offer to you and their team of chefs and servers are talented individuals who come together to deliver flawless dining services at your wedding. They are capable of preparing delicious food from a plethora of conventional recipes by adding their personal touch to it and they have a lot to bring on the table from a variety of lip-smacking cuisines that include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters and special items like Jain-specific menus too. They offer their expert in-house decor services.

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